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20 Beautiful Photographs That Will Inspire You To Travel To Japan


In March I set off on a journey with Matt my boyfriend, a close friend and her partner on an exciting 10 day journey around one of the most advanced countries in the world! Japan.

Japan is located in Asia and is home to more than 125 million people, with such a large population its no wonder this beautiful country has adapted into one of the most lean, well-structured and maintained places in the world. With not a single sign of any rubbish on the ground, heavy fines for not recycling, and extremely polite people, its no wonder so many of us that travel to japan walk away feeling a slight bit guilty about throwing the juice bottle into the general rubbish that one time…

After spending time in some of the most amazing cities I feel as though it is only necessary to share with you some of the best places I visited! From Hiroshima to Kyoto, Kyoto to Osaka, Osaka to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Nagoya and back to Tokyo, my time spent in Japan was a real treat! We visited the Hiroshima bomb sight, Memorial and beautiful city, Saw the stunning Torii gate at sunset on Miyajima Island, Walked through the incredible Fushimi Inari Shrines, Visited the breathtaking bamboo groves, Ate in the amazing food markets in Osakas, Explored endless night markets full of interesting sea food, plants, animals, spices and crafts, Tried all sorts of ice cream like grape and green tea, Explored amazing toyko and visited the famous Cat Cafe, Visited Toyota – The car manufacturing company, Walked through magical secret gardens and drank traditional green tea in the teahouses, Rode on an amazing bullet train and saw Mt Fuji on the clearest of clear days and of course took way to many photos!

Hopefully these photographs inspire you enough to visit this amazing country one day soon. It is so beautiful, so advanced and so culturally enriching! It is a place full of different activities, wonderful foods to try, and is full of beautiful arts and crafts.

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