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Amalfi Coast: Day Tripping To The Island Of Capri

Day trips are always fun, but day trips to secluded islands are even better! If you are looking to visit the Amalfi Coast but unsure of what exactly there is to do and see, then why not visit the beautiful island of Capri. Whether you are staying in Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento or even in Naples, here is a day tripping guide to ensure you will be able to make the most of your time spent in Capri.


 Ultimate Day Trip Guide To Capri


How To Get To Capri: Ferries, ferries and more ferries! No matter where you are coming from or going too, the main form of transport to Capri is by local ferry. The ferry timetable varies depending on the day of the week, and the pricing depends on the time of day. Rough prices are around 12-20 Euro one way, per person. The cheaper ferries are with Caremar (1 h 20min) and the fast ferries (45min) are with Gescab. You can find local speedboats, but they are triple the price and it’s worth it just to catch the local ferries, as they are very nice and safe.


How To Get Around Capri: Once you step off the ferry you would have arrived at the main port known as Porto Di Capri which is the main town of Capri and has local shops, restaurants and day tours available, such as boat trips around the island, snorkeling, fishing etc. However I believe the best way to see the island is by local transport. Try to avoid hiring a scooter, as the roads are extremely steep, very busy and narrow. There also isn’t anywhere to park, so its better to book a local boat tour, however this can be very expensive. The last option is to do what we did, and get the local tram and buses everywhere.

There are three main spots to explore on Capri: Marina Piccola, Villa San Michele, and Anacapri all of which you can catch a local bus to for only 1.80 Euro. These buses are bright orange and not hard to miss. Two apps you should download before your visit are “Capri Insider” and “Capri Schedule” but do your research with them when you are in Wi-Fi and print screen what you find as the apps will not work without Wi-Fi. The apps are great to get a general idea on what the island is like, pricing, bus times and ferry times, so make sure you download them.


What To Do and See On Capri: Capri is such a beautiful little island. There are pebbled beaches, caves, mountains and hiking all around the island. Capri is also famous for its delicious lemon products, which are made from the local lemons they grow, some of which are the size of footballs! You can find fun shops selling sherbet-lemon soaps, body creams, drinks, and spirits. There are also frozen slushies everywhere, lemon flavored of course!

The main attractions is visiting the “Blue Grotto”. There is also hiking all along the island with paths down to the local beaches and lookout points. The best advice I can give, is grab a full day ticket for around 8 euro and jump on the local buses around the island. Maybe even hire a boat for the day and see the island from the water. It’s stunning and very picture perfect.

Either way whatever you chose to see and do on the island of Capri, I’m sure it will be wonderful! It’s a beautiful little island and definitely worth the visit.


Have you visited the Amalfi Coast before? Where did you stay? Leave a comment below for discussion! 🙂

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