The City Of Love: Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Narrow passageways surrounded with beautiful boutique shops, bakeries, and phantom of the opera style galleries.

Soft sounding music hums in the distance as you cross from one-foot bridge to another over the peaceful surrounding cannels. A gondola floats past as the driver smiles and starts to sing to the newly engaged couple.

This is the city of love.

This is breathtaking Venice.


Getting To Venice: Venice is one of the most travelled to cities in all of Italy, with over 20 million people that make a trip there each year, it is no wonder this beautiful cannel filled city has stood out to many. Getting to and from Venice is very easy. Especially considering its location on the eastern side of Italy. Most trains will either come directly from or pass through the capital, Milan. Here you will find trains that run hourly, every single day of the week. Although be cautious as most trains require pre-reserved seating and some train times can sell out during peak season (June-August).

You can also get to Venice by flying, but transfers to and from the airport can be pricey. I would recommended catching a train in, as the main station “Venezia Santa Lucia railway station” is right in the heart of Venice, and very easy to navigate to and from.


Where To Stay In Venice: The city of love may be stunning to walk around and take in, but like most hot tourist destinations, it can be a little pricey! (Well, very pricey!) You are looking at between €150-300+ per night in a decent hotel room or Air BnB type accommodation right in the heart of the stunning cannels. Those on a budget should stay over the bridge in the local area of Lido or Mestre. Even though these parts of Venice are not exactly amongst the picture perfect cannels, but more so like a small city center.

If you however are spending the money and time to visit Venice, booking far enough in advanced can secure you a cheaper hotel room rate and you can then stay directing on the floating island of Venice to have the full experience (which will be totally worth it!). Venice is divided into six sestieri or districts. (Refer to map below) and like most towns, has some better areas to stay than others. My personal recommendations would have to be the San Marco area, which is wonderful for sightseeing and is more of the main hub of the city, the area of Dorsoduro which is a great nightlife/bar type setting and for more romantic and quite areas, stay in either the northern Cannaregio or eastern Castello areas.


Getting around Venice: Venice is best seen, like in many other cities, on foot! You can’t go wrong wandering around the endless alleyways and around the picture perfect cannels in Venice, and because you are pretty much on a floating (or sinking) island, you need to remember that transport is available, but at a steep price.

There are local ferries, gondolas, and water taxis available, but these can cost an arm and a leg and be a little confusing when trying to get from point A to B. Make sure when you book your accommodation that you understand the area you are staying around, there is noting worse than arriving at the airport or the train station and having no idea where to go or how to get there. Most hotels offer a water taxi for a price, but be sure to check before hand the pricing, as it could eat away at your budget.

I would recommend downloading (my favorite app!) CityMaps2Go – which is like Google maps, but an offline map, which you can star, your hotel/train stations/restaurants/shops etc. and it will help guide you to your hotel when you arrive. Be sure not bring too much stuff as you will most likely be walking!


Eating In Venice: Venice has so many little cafes, beautiful cannel facing restaurants and quiet little alleyway with bakeries and lolly shops. Its alike a grown up theme park! You are always running around getting lost in the magical floating paradise, and no matter where you end up you will be surrounded by options to eat, drink and shop. There are also many supermarkets in Venice and you often see couples sitting on the foot bridges with there packed picnic like lunches sipping on a bottle of wine and eating their cheese and biscuits. It is all very romantic and if you want some one on one time I would defiantly recommend a lunch date on a footbridge.


What To Do In Venice: The city of love attracts so many types of travellers that it may seem surprising to some that there isn’t actually much to do. It’s a place of relaxation, wandering and romance. Venice has funky shops, fun bars, and delicious restaurants and cafes. Make sure you pack your best walking shoes, because Venice is best seen on foot and bring a nice camera, as the cannels are just breathtaking!

It does get quiet busy during peak season (June-August) but the further you walk away from the main station, the quieter and more picture perfect everything seems to get. You can go on gondola rides, have your portrait pained, visit museums, or go shopping. Either way, whatever you choose to do, just know it will be extremely relaxing and very laid back.

How Much Will This Trip To Venice Cost:

Train from Milan- €35-45

Hotel overlooking Cannels– € 150-300+

Hotel in Mestre– €50

Glass of wine – €6

Dinner and a glass of wine – €20-30

Gondola ride – €50-80

Hand painted mask – €5-15

Water taxi – €50-80



Have you visited Venice before? Do you think it is the most romantic city in Italy? Comment below!

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